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Welcome to Pål Virik Nilsen. A professional powerboat racing driver from Norway.

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  • Good test week

    Jun 201522
    Good test week Pal Virik Nilsen had a good Formula 2  testweek. First test was purely a start and propeller test all day. The second one was mainly driving practice to understand the new boat more. Pal says: All in all i am very optimistic. Everything, i mean the team, boat and me worked good together. I feel w...
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  • Timing for champions Edox PRESS RELEASE 12 may 2015: Blasting across the water at close to 200km/h requires a special type of sportsperson - and a special type of watch. And in the high-octane world of offshore powerboat racing only the most precise, tough and dependable of both sportsperson and timepiece can triumph...
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  • Pål Virik Nilsen gjester Lindmo på NRK Powerboat racer Pal Virik Nilsen is one of the guest in talk show " Lindmo" on NRK 1 on Saturday . This is Norways most popular and biggest talkshow. Pa l has a unique story about his sporting career in a world where oil sheiks , money and glamor are part of the facade . But inwardly we see among...
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  • Helt Propell Author's Pål Virik Nilsen, one of the world's most experienced boat racers. The book is about speed driving on water in excess of 35 knots. - To run a fast boat is the funniest thing I know, and I have dreamed of bringing out a book on how to roam both safety and speed the water for several years...
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Latest blogs

  • Kjøp boken min her! :))

    Kjøp boken min
    06.Aug 2015
    www.helt-propell.no kun 299,- (en bok om hastighetskjøring for alle som vil ferdes sikkert over 35 knop). Les mer på websiden!
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  • Tønsberg

    02.Aug 2015
    The Norwegian GP in tønsberg is over. Lets work har for more progress in Switzerland! Foto: Glenn Kristensen
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  • Model

    01.Aug 2015
    Soon my boat will become a model! Loog reaaly nice and real :-)
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  • Home

    29.Jul 2015
    Going back home after a nice vacation :-)
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  • Vacation

    22.Jul 2015
    Look forward to stay here in France for a while with my kids :))
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